How can I can see the prices on the website?
Answer: you need to create an account on our site and we will send you one time login details where you can use to access and see all the prices.
Does Plumule B2B have a minimum order?
Answer: There is no minimum order at Plumule B2B
Am a retailer and I would to sell my product to other business on plumule B2B, how can I do this?
Answer: if you have surplus products that you would like to sell, contact us on b2b@plumule.nl
Do I have to pay to sell my product on plumule b2b site?
Answer: Selling on Plumule B2B if free but your product will need to be verified should conform to the products on our site.
What is the difference between Plumule B2B and wholesalers/suppliers?
Answer: Plumule B2B is different because not only to sell in bulk to business, we also buy /sell products from smaller businesses / retailers who have surplus stock.
If I can’t a specific product on the website, can I request for this product?
Answer: If you can’t find the product you are looking for, please contact us via email about your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
I have a different question, how can I contact Plumule B2B?
Answer: Contact us using the contact method listed under contact.
What types of payments are accepted at Plumule B2B?
Answer: Check our payment methods for more details.
How does shipping and delivery work under plumule B2B?
Answer:  Orders can be collected from out store in Rotterdam or delivered by the respective seller to the buyer;